The difference between Insanity and Good Parenting

This morning, while walking my kids to school, I think I heard even the ducks complain about the weather.

It’s certainly a far cry from the usual ‘soft day’ (light, gentle, misty rain – for those not familiar with the Irish weather!). In actual fact, I am tempted to just put some shampoo into my hair when picking them back up – the rain out there has a higher pressure than my poor shower!

Certainly a great day for putting the fire on later, all snuggled up on the couch and enjoying a nice cupán tae (as a cup of tea is known here), or, as I’ve amusingly seen on an Irish Translations Forum, ‘I love you’ in Irish! True to an extent, as a cupán tae really does do the world of good and is the No. 1 go to remedy for anything that might ail ya.

But what does rainy weather have to do with insanity or good parenting? A lot. Just think about this:

As an adult, going out by yourself and simply jumping around in puddles – well, let’s face it, it might be the application for your one-way ticket into the looney bin.

However, having children to go out and jump in those puddles with – that’s good parenting 😀

So, the next time it is lashing (raining heavily) your end of the world, put on your wellies, rain coats and rain trousers and just go for it. Your kids will thank you.

And afterwards, warm up by the fire if you have one, and even if you don’t: a nice hot chocolate for the kids and a lovely cupán tae (possibly with a bit o’ whiskey and honey – for medicinal purposes you see) for the adults.

S/W Ver: 96.63.10RDon’t forget to look out for that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.

I shall leave you with a typical picture – taken at the seafront close to where I live: Note the apocalyptic dark sky with the beautiful rainbow.

It was seconds before the rain caught up with us and yes, we stood in beautiful sunshine. Who needs only one season per day, eh?


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