Hot Whiskey – for medicinal purposes, naturally!

It’s nearly there, the season to be jolly… and with it come the horrible days of colds and flu and coughs. Bleugh.

The cough’s what’s got hold of me in the last few days. Well, and cub 4, the poor wee mite. Worse at night, of course, when lying down and trying to finally get some rest.

What else was I supposed to do but to reach for a traditional medicinal drink…!?

2013-11-13 21.39.02

What can I say? It’s delicious! Of course, made with Irish Whiskey. Here’s what you need to do if you want to make your own (and, please don’t serve this to persons under 18 (or whichever the drinking age is in your country!):

Rinse a glass with hot water to pre-heat it a bit.

Two teaspoons of brown sugar into the glass, then add a generous helping of Irish Whiskey to it and fill up with hot water. Stir until the sugar has completely dissolved. Add fresh sliced lemons and cloves, stir and enjoy.

Tonight, I also added a small teaspoon of honey to mine. Medicinal, see? Right there 🙂


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